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14 Feb, 2017



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You are an artificial intelligence named Fumiko. You managed to escape the testing grounds and voices are telling you where to go. A surreal world is unfolding. Everything is unknown to you in a dystopian network of 2080. In this story-driven game you'll enter a rabbit hole. The network is preparing to stop you from becoming too powerful. Discover its sevrets and face a threat yet unknown.


I'm Sylvius Fischer, founder and sole developer for Fumiko Game Studio. Fumiko! is my debut release and has been in development for 3 years. Fumiko! is a game about a female artificial intelligence finding her place in a virtual world. It features challenging 3D platforming and handcrafted low-poly scenes with a surreal touch. It's about 6-10 hours long and tells a psychological thriller story. In addition to directly addressing topics like Open Source and surveillance, the game was developed with the Unity3D Linux Editor Alpha and mostly Open Source software was used to realize the game. A short list of software used to realize Fumiko! is Blender, GIMP, Audacity, FL Studio, Openshot, SimpleScreenRecorder, JACK, VIM, Terminator and Kanboard. Fumiko Game Studio was founded in July, 2016 and is located in Leipzig, Germany.


  • Defy gravity with ridiculous jump heights
  • Gain momentum and enter flight as you speed through the air to escape your enemies
  • About 6-10 hours of playtime
  • A rich and twisted story
  • Trippy visuals with hand-crafted, astonishing worlds
  • Day-1 Linux and Windows support
  • Supports the Xbox, Xbox360 and Steam Controller


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Exploration Trailer YouTube




Selected Articles

  • "With a mesmerizing and colorful low-poly style, some impressive acrobatics, and what looks to be an intriguing story, Fumiko may very well have what it takes to contribute to a new wave of platformers"
    - Kyle LeClair, HardcoreGamer
  • "If Fumiko! means ‘jumping through a broken cyberspace where shapes and data float serenely through the nothingness as your character attempts to journey to a better time, and place, and evade the shadowy bytes trying to purge yourself and the passive data of the world’ then the game is completely bang on the buck."
    - Dann Sullivan, Big Boss Battle
  • "Entering the world of Fumiko! is a bit like finding yourself inside some weird, narcotic-induced episode, full of bright lights and beautiful colours slapping you in the face as you fly past."
    - Vernacular Gaming, Vernacular Gaming Blog
  • "It looks absolutely bizarre, but in a good way."
    - chimpy, gamingonlinux.com

Monetization Permission

Fumiko Game Studio allows for the contents of Fumiko! to be published through video broadcasting services for any commercial or non-commercial purposes. Monetization of videos created containing assets from Fumiko! is legally & explicitly allowed by Fumiko Game Studio. This permission can be found in writing at https://presskit.fumiko-game.com/sheet.php?p=fumiko.

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About Fumiko Game Studio

Hey, my name is Sylvius! I'm the founder and currently single member of Fumiko Game Studio. This Press Kit provides you all the information available about the games I am working on. Please contact me if there are any questions left.

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Fumiko! Credits

Sylvius Fischer

presskit() by Rami Ismail (Vlambeer) - also thanks to these fine folks